Monday, January 30, 2012

January has gone by so fast that I can't really believe that February is just days away. Sam will be 18 in a matter of weeks and still continues to try and find a scholarship so he can go to the school he wants to go to. This weekend Mike talked about retiring (are you kidding me) Sam needed the date Mike joined the union for a scholarship and Mike said WOW I think maybe I can retire in 2 years. I changed the subject fast and hopefully distracted him long enough for him to forget it. He is only 47 he can't retire in 2 years and have me keep my sanity. LOL My mom had a cataract  removed and it went well she can see better than she has been able to in years. Now I need to find her a job so she stops bringing baked goods to my house for me to eat!!!!Any one out there hiring a fabulous baker?????I transferred all my credits to NIU this week I have to find a course of study so I can finish in a timely manner. I did not get the one scholarship I apply for but I am still trying, If I could go full time it would be great. I want to finish before Sam finishes college. All in all it has been a good beginning to the new year. Have a great day. DMK

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am getting sick of being at home, I love doing my crafts but I guess I just need to work even if it is only part time somewhere. My class did not work out I am going to transfer to NIU and take it from there. My mom has cataract surgery tomorrow so I will be sitting at Copley for most of the day. Hopefully she will be just fine I understand that it is an easy surgery. Poor Sam is overburdened with school work 4 AP classes are starting to take there toll. Hopefully it will ease up some soon. All for now. Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So today I started my new math class. I have been really struggling to finish my math requirement for 2 years. I have had to take 3 classes that don't count just to take the 1 that does. I did not understand any of the stuff we learned today. The teacher went very fast and I am lost, so sad on the first day. I am going to the tutoring center tomorrow and if I don't get is still , I am dropping this class. How I finish my math requirement I do not know but I do not think I can pass this class. Hope everyone has a great day. DMK

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!  My Irish G-Ma taught me that this was a very bad day! My G-Ma would not even go out on Friday the 13th. Even though my head was filled with stories from the old country about luck ( or the lack of it on the 13th) I try not to think about it too much. First snowstorm of the season doesn't seem to have been too bad, the roads seem okay, drifted in some spots but not too bad if you are careful. Another funeral tomorrow  a dear church member who has been ill for a few years.Joyce was a wonderful women and will be missed by everyone. We are serving lunch for the family so I need to go and make my dish to pass. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Keep both my friends that lost their mom's in your prayers this weekend and call your mom and say I love you. DMK

Monday, January 9, 2012

New week starting out sad, my friends mom passed away and the wake is today. The funeral is tomorrow and I know these will be two hard days for my friend. I lost my Dad in 94 he was my biggest fan everything I did or tried no matter what he supported. I miss his everyday so I know exactly how my friend feels. At a time like this you always feel nothing you say or do will help so I am just trying to be there if she needs me. Hopefully the week will get better as it goes on. Please Pray for strength for my friend.I hope everyone has a good week DMK

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So my dishwasher has gone to the great dishwasher in the sky. It will be cheaper to buy a new one I am told. This is the last of the house full of brand new appliances that we bought new in 2005 to break . But this one broke the worse. I can't take a chance on it leaking on my hardwood floors and Mike is not buying a new one now after the whole toilet thing so I guess I will have to learn how to wash by hand again. Boo Hiss for me. I joined Pinterest today it is a cool site and everyone should check it out. I have been cooking for a friend who lost her mom so that has kept me busy the last few days. Undecorate the church tomorrow then who knows. Hope everyone has a great week end. DMK

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sam's Senior pictures went on line today. They turned our really well. I will have a hard time picking my favorites.Today has gone well. I got my thank yous from Christmas done and am waiting for the repair man to fix my dishwasher. Have a great day everyone. DMK

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hope this post finds everyone enjoying a happy and healthy new year. As for me in typical DMK fashion I spent New Years Eve picking out a new toilet. Yes you read correctly a new toilet. You know you are old when this happens to you. LOL So we go to a big box store and there of course are many choices. They are all on the highest shelf possible  to display items in the store  and tipped forward so you really can't see what they look like. So Mike and I pick one based on water usage(if you live in my town this is important due to our water bill rate) and it said it was clog proof ( handy if a teenager lives in your house). So on New Years Sam and I go to church and when we come home our shiny new toilet has  been installed and looks great. One problem !!!!!The first time I use it I realize it is about 2" taller (off the floor) than the old toilet. Now I am short so you do the math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully your New Years is going better then this and I am sure mine will get better soon.  Have a great 2012 everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!