Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today Sam is going to his second prom. H-BR's was last week and DeKalb's is this week. He looked so handsome and grown up.The last week has me reflecting and weepy! In one week my one and only child will graduate from High School. I think to myself (and most day's talk out loud to myself) where has the time gone. It seems like yesterday that he was a baby in his stroller behind the counter of my shop. Customers loved to see him and he grew very fond of many of my customers. Some who stopped in many times a week to say Hi to him and usually bring him something.When I closed the store my customers all said they would miss my store, but mostly they would miss seeing Sam everyday. 18 years, have I aged 18 years since his birth (again I talk to myself) it just doesn't seem possible. I don't feel that much older. Sam has turned into a caring, funny, opinionated , smart young man. In some ways he reminds me of Mike at that age but mostly he reminds me of my Dad. He has a quiet way about him like he is thinking all the time, planning just like Hank. He is graduating at the top of his class 3rd to be exact. He will work at Monsanto again this summer and then in Sept. he will go 3 HOURS AWAY FROM HOME. To the UofW Platteville. I am happy that he found a school he really likes , but my heart is breaking and he hasn't even pulled out of the driveway yet. Talk to everyone later. DMK

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  1. Break it will, but it will mend as you watch him do just what you raised him to do. Go off, become independent, have fun and make you proud. And, I have no doubt he will.